Masjid e Salaam – Preston Mosque

Nothing great ever came easy.

The Masjid e Salaam mosque was a decade in the making. A battle with Preston Council initially accepted planning, then backtracked on conservation grounds and a revised application granted later was also thrown out after Preston Muslim Society made changes.

The society finally won planning consent after a four-year battle and a meticulous build of a similar timeframe followed.

Today, the Masjid e Salaam is magnificent, calling over 300 Muslims to prayer every day beneath its domed depiction of heaven and sky-high minaret.

As with all towering achievements, the difference lies in the detail. Years of struggle against the odds have resulted in a community hub where spirituality echoes around the walls.

Every granular detail of this spectacular domed landscape had to reflect the whole perfectly, and so it was with the chandelier beneath the dome.

The Muslim Elders had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. A sphere with twisted-glass decoration was suitably stretching and with the client struggling to find a supplier equipped to take on the challenge, Spectrum Chandeliers stepped into the domed void.

Sphere in Gold is indeed a sphere of shining golden beauty, structurally significant and voluminous yet it does not dominate the space. With a 3500mm diameter and weighing in at 400kg, it’s grand, yet delicate.

The lightness of its form obstructs neither the golden dome nor the religious scripture around the perimeter, yet it whispers its authority impressively into the gaping space.

Sphere in Gold comes dressed with 291 iridescent amber glass twists, handmade in the UK by award-winning glass blower John Ditchfield, from his studio on the Fylde coast in Lancashire.

The glass twists adorn a golden central core comprising a 1000mm diameter sphere suspended from fine gold suspension cable almost floating in space from the apex of the dome 12mts above.

The result is a message and a marriage of soaring spirituality and uncommon beauty. An exquisite product of the struggle and sacrifice that characterised its environment.


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